About Us

Shane Procter was born in Broken Hill, a mining town in the Australian outback. He studied anatomy in Sydney at the University of New South Wales gaining a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy). Following this he trained for masters degree in Chiropractic at Maquarie University, Sydney, graduating May 1997.

Shane moved to Europe in 1997 to work and travel, spending two winter seasons working in St Anton Austria.  In 2000 Shane began working for Chiro UK group, in their Burton Clinic in the Midlands UK.  After another winter season working in Meribel France in 2003 Shane returned to the UK to start a new clinic for Chiro UK in Leicester then taking on a role in a subsidiary clinic in Rugby.

Shane’s chiropractic experience is diverse and has provided care to a wide variety of clients from babies to grandparents, pregnant ladies to world class rugby players and professional and amateur sports people of many disciplines. Over his many years in practise Shane has added more sports orientated studies to focus treatment on sports related conditions. Treatments such as IASTM a way of breaking down scar tissue and kinesio-taping using ROCKTAPE for speeding up recovery or allowing you to return to activity sooner. Shane has also focussed on skiing not only as a personal goal, but allowing him to understand the biomechanics and forces involved in higher levels of skiing by training for BASI levels I & II and doing race performance courses / training.

Day to day life for many of us is not only about sports and leisure. The daily jobs we do often are the causes of injury, Shane’s expertise in biomechanics can help with advise for postural problems or repetitive strain, whether they be from sitting at a desk or lifting as a tradesman and many others as well. He can also prescribe specifically focussed exercises to get you back to health and keep you there for the future.

Ultimately the draw of the mountain lifestyle has been the driving force behind Shane’s decision to open his own clinic in the Alpes in 2015 after 19 years in Chiropractic practise.  Whatever your reason for looking for chiropractic care, whether it be due to injury, acute or long term conditions, for sports performance or for your children, you are in safe hands with Shane on your journey to recovery.