About Us

I was born in Broken Hill a mining town in the Australian bush. I studied in Sydney for my Bachelor of Science in Anatomy followed by a Masters degree in Chiropractic finishing May 1997.

I moved to Europe in 1997 to work and travel. I did two ski seasons in St Anton , Austria and one in Meribel, France. I worked in the UK from 1997 to 2014 before moving to Morzine.

My Experience

I have diverse experience treating babies to the elderly, pregnant patients and people doing all types of sports at many different levels. I’ve trained specifically to develop sports related treatment using multiple treatment techniques. I use manual manipulation, muscle release techniques and mechanical manipulation with a specialist table adapted to chiropractic treatment and tools. In addition “IASTM” a tool treatment effective in breaking down scar tissue, and support with kinesio tape or joint strapping. I’ve focussed on mountain sports to understand the biomechanics and forces involved in downhill and cross country skiing as well as snowboarding.

My Mission

Daily life isn’t just sport and leisure, our day to day tasks can cause injuries. My biomechanical approach can help with postural problems and repetitive strain injuries whether you work in an office, shop or in building trades. The list of jobs goes on. I prescribe exercises for rehabilitation and maintenance of lifestyle. Whether your reason for chiropractic care is due to an accident, acute or chronic problems, sports performance or for your kids. I’m here to help.