Chiropractic treatment and Prices


How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic is based upon the understanding that good health depends, in part, upon a normally functioning nervous system. A common interference to the nervous system is the twenty four moving bones of the spinal column. A loss of normal motion or position of these bones can irritate or impair the function of the nervous system. This can disrupt the transmission of controlling nerve impulses. Chiropractors aim to improve nervous system function primarily through chiropractic adjustments (with particular attention to the spine and pelvis), to help remove any interference that may be impairing normal health.


What do chiropractors do?

back_adjustmentChiropractors are the spinal health experts. Helping to restore proper spinal biomechanics and improved nervous system function begins with a patient’s case history. This gives the chiropractor a background about your health, such as surgeries, accidents, the onset of your condition, and other details affecting your current health.

After reviewing your history and discussing your specific problem, a thorough orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination is performed. X-rays or MRI may be required to uncover structural and functioning problems associated with the spinal column. These examinations help identify areas of spinal malfunction and resulting nervous system deficit.

The findings of these examinations are explained and a plan of chiropractic adjustments and other treatment may be recommended. Progress is monitored with periodical examinations and follow-up reports.


€ 65,00 – Adult new patient including first treatment 

€ 45,00 – Adult regular Consultation/Treatment

€ 55,00 – Child (under 16 yrs) new patient including first treatment

€ 40,00 – Child (under 16 yrs) regular Consultation/Treatment